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CCTV System Distributor

Established back in 1992, Elock had evolved from a simple transformer manufacturing company to a full length security system manufacturer and distributor. Over the years, Elock had matured and became part of the key player in the security system industry in Malaysia. We manufactured our own security equipments as well as the accessories, making us an all round security equipment manufacturer.

Our goal is to provide the safest security assurance for you, therefore we had included new series into our products the Elock Surveillance series, in order to better serve you with more round-up and complete security system.

Elock Surveillance series begins as CCTV system distributor, however, we now manufactures our very own CCD module hence upgrading to become a CCTV manufacturer instead. As a full fledge CCTV system manufacturer and CCTV equipment manufacturer, we strive to provide you the best quality surveillance system as well as all the supplementary equipments to better enhance the security system in your protected premises.

In Elock, your security is our responsibility!